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Support for one of our own at the London Marathon

Support for one of our own at the London Marathon

For many months now, long time Two Blues supporter Joanne Illingworth has been in training for this year’s London Marathon, which is run this Sunday 22nd April, starting at 10am. Joanne isn’t new to running the London Marathon, she first completed this gruelling challenge 29 years ago!

For this year’s event though, Joanne has dedicated hundreds of hours to a rigorous training programme and she is now just so excited to be finally running the race on Sunday. Joanne is running for the benefit of two fantastic charities – 4Loius and Macmillan Cancer Support. You can still support Joanne by donating to these charities at this fundraising page

Joanne’s personal blog can be found on her Facebook page Joanne’s London Marathon Journey, and it tells the story of Joanne’s journey so far. Joanne said; “I was only 22 when I completed it in 1989 and didn’t really understand the enormity of the challenge of a marathon. I started out way too fast and struggled from mile 16 onwards and said, ‘never again’. However, I’ve watched the marathon for years and the last few years I’ve yearned to do it again, not really believing I would. But on Sunday that will change. This time I’ve stuck to a training programme and although not fast hopefully I’ve done enough. I have been overwhelmed by the support I’ve had from everyone – and a big big thank you to the club, directors and supporters for adding over £200 to my fundraising total at my fundraising day recently.

I’m hoping it won’t be too sunny on Sunday but whatever happens I know I have a mountain of support and this will spur me on from start to finish.”

On behalf of the Board of Directors Dave Mills added; “We have all watched Joanne’s progress over the last seven months and we have been amazed at the sheer hard work, dedication and commitment Joanne has put in to prepare herself for this world famous challenge, and she’s been supported every step of the way by her husband Dave, who you’ll all know as one of our volunteer groundsman and life-long Bishops supporter. Good luck on Sunday Joanne and we know that so many people from your chosen charities will benefit from your fantastic fundraising.”

The Club would like to wish Joanne every success on Sunday and everyone associated with BAFC will be cheering her on all the way to the finishing line.

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