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Shildon game – Kick off 3:05pm

Shildon game – Kick off 3:05pm

The Ebac Northern League and Shildon AFC have kindly agreed our request for the game of Saturday (10th February) to kick off at 3:05pm.

At 3:04pm, the exact time of the Munich Air Disaster in 1958, a minutes silence will be held in memory of all those who died.


7 Responses to Shildon game – Kick off 3:05pm

  • We shall not see their like again, ever in our thoughts, David & Henry

  • RIP all of those

  • Pity the current Bishop players were caught by the occasion and could make the game

  • Yes Alan, a very disappointing performance by the Bishop team yesterday.

  • We feel compelled to comment having attended this game. It will be disappointing if after the club has asked for feedback our comments are ignored and deleted as has happened in the past. Car parking, with the car park being full , we parked on the grass at the exit with only 2 wheels on the road. Your Steward watched us and said nothing. About one and half hours (!) later it was deemed a safety hazard and we were asked to move the car in a very aggressive manner by the lady on the tannoy. Two points…if you employ Stewards they really should know what they are doing and bearing in mind that the people in question were, by definition , adults and not children perhaps the person on the tannoy could moderate her language and speak reasonably. The refreshments hut goes from bad to worse. Before the game started they had no bovril! When asked for a hot dog we got a burger bun cut in half and split up the middle with 2 bits of onion and a 2 inch hot dog! Where do you even get them? Every other team in the league have jumbo hot dogs. The drinks chiller was sparsely filled with very little choice of drinks. You still don’t have mustard and are still using polystyrene plates which are an environmental no no. We look forward to your comments. Tim and Peter Beal.

  • Thanks for your comments. Apologies for the Bovril – we re-supplied when we were told but I do agree we will have to check carefully before we start that we have enough stock including mustard. I will have a word with our catering staff with regard the hot dogs. We do have hot dog buns and we serve two hot dogs per portion. We will certainly look to supplying jumbo hot dogs in the future.
    With regard to the car parking – an ambulance had been called and cars were asked to move so that access could be gained. Because of the issues that were reported regarding car parking we will be reviewing our stewarding arrangements for games.
    I am sorry your experiences so far with regard to the catering hut have not been good – we will certainly take you points on board. Please make yourself known to me at the next home game and the ‘hot dogs’ will be on me!
    (Nick Postma, Chairman)

  • Went to last home game. Didn’t want to take you up on your kind offer of a free hot dog but couldn’t anyway cos none were available! You also ran out of Bovril in the second half. Surely it can’t be this hard ?

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