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Programme Notes – From the Gaffer

Programme Notes – From the Gaffer

I would like to welcome the players, officials and fans of Newton Aycliffe FC

Saturday’s result was a hard one to take for everyone. If we had taken our chances in the first half we would have been out of sight but we all know what happens in this game when you don’t! That, along with a very poor second half led to Saturdays Vase exit. Let’s not take anything away from Bedlington though who fought hard throughout and showed us what a little bit of hard work can achieve. We need to learn from their example!

Yet again the rumour mill is churning. This is not helpful in any way shape or form and is having a detrimental effect on the club and our present situation. We need to pull together at this moment in time and dispel all this negativity. It is having an effect on the players currently at the club and is also playing a part in attracting new players to the club. There is a hell of a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes in order to get this club back on an even keel both on and off the field but we also need you, the fans, to not just get behind the team but get behind the club and TOGETHER we can achieve whatever we wish.

Again, a lot has been said on social media, 99% of which is complete rubbish put on by people not associated to the club and also by certain individuals who should know better, who are just shall we say trying to be “naughty”. Don’t rise to this rubbish! we will just quietly go about our job of rebuilding this great club and when we get back to where we need to be, and we will, they will just disappear.

So just to dispel a rumour that I heard on Saturday, I can categorically state that there have been no budget cuts and there will be no budget cuts and in actual fact the board along with the supporter’s club are constantly looking at ways of increasing our budget. If any genuine fan wants a frank and honest assessment of where we are and what is happening please just ask me after any game and I will tell you. Why not hear it from straight the “horse’s mouth” instead of reacting to the rubbish put on social media which is mainly made up to cause mischief.

I won’t be making any further comment on any of the above as I will be focusing 100% on the job in hand and getting things moving forward in a positive fashion. For a number of years the club has never moved forward together as ONE but believe you me, if we do that from today onwards it could be frightening what we could achieve TOGETHER!



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