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Programme Notes – From the Chair

Programme Notes – From the Chair

Good evening and a warm welcome to Heritage Park to the players, officials and supporters from Newton Aycliffe. 

On Tuesday 19th, we visited Jarrow Roofing and the team played very well gaining a 2-1 victory and even with our slim squad we certainly went to Bedlington on Saturday confident we could do well against our second division opponents in the FA Vase.  Despite going close on a number of occasions we disappointingly went down 2-0.  It didn’t help Colin in his preparations when another two players contacted him to say they didn’t want to play for the Club.  Colin did say at our recent Q & A, to our supporters who attended, that we would get some setbacks while he re-built the squad and this was certainly a setback but I am confident Colin, his management team and the players will turn things around.

Tonight’s game sees us in in 15th position with 9 points from 10 games and with games in October against Morpeth, Shildon, Consett and Ryhope, all in the top 10 in the league, we certainly need to be fighting for maximum points in our coming games.

On Friday, we hosted the Middlesbrough Under 23 v Stoke City Under 23 game and as you know by now the game was halted by a fire in the ladies toilets in the main building.  I would like to thank my fellow officials and our volunteers who were on duty on Friday for controlling the incident effectively and thanks to both teams, the match officials and the supporters for their patience and understanding whilst the game was halted.  Many thanks also to the Fire Brigade for their quick response and skills in dealing with the fire.

One issue that occurred on Friday was that a late-comer parked his/her car at the top of the car park in the restricted area thus preventing the fire engines getting as close to the building as possible.  I would urge people, even if the car par is full to consider the implications of such action.  This area needs to be kept clear of vehicles for all emergency services to have access to the main building.

Apologies for the inconvenience to everyone with regard to car parking as we have lost the main car park to Murphy’s Fun Fair.  We know from the days when Darlington played at HP with gates of 1,000 plus that there are plenty of places to park near the stadium.

Enjoy the game

Nick Postma

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