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Chairman’s Update

Chairman’s Update

It’s a while since my last ‘Chairman’s Update and it has been very eventful here at Heritage Park.  I am delighted to welcome Colin Myers back to the Club as team manager and we will all be working hard behind the scenes, as we have always done, to support Colin and his management team to take our team ‘onwards and upwards’!

There have been many things said about me, the Directors and the Club on the various Social Media forums, mostly exaggerated and quite frankly untrue and most of the comments etc. have been generated by people not connected with the Club; I suppose that is the nature of social media these days.

I can understand the views of some supporters who have said they have only heard one side of the story and so haven’t been able to form a ‘balanced’ viewpoint.  I hope you all know that you can always speak to me and my fellow Directors at any time when matches are on and we are all on email so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We are planning to hold a social evening when everyone will have the opportunity to speak to myself, other Board Members and we will also have the chance to speak with Colin Myers and find out his exciting plans for the future with regard to the team.

Last Thursday we held our Annual General Meeting of Shareholders at Heritage Park.  I was very encouraged by the level of support we received from our shareholders and we can only achieve the success we all crave if we work hard for the Club and support each other in our efforts.  We were delighted to report the successes we are achieving in increasing our income steams through sponsorship, advertising and function room bookings.  We have new fist team sponsors with the NE First Credit Union and we are delighted to see members attend our home games, Comtek System Solutions are sponsoring our ‘change’ strip and Vest Construction are sponsoring our training kit and tracksuits.  Darlington Building Society are sponsoring our ‘Man of the Match’ awards as well as board and programme advertising and Bishop Auckland College sponsor our ‘tin shed’ stand and we hope to continue our partnership with them in the future.

I would like to thank all the Companies and individuals who have continued to sponsor and advertise with us this year.  Many thanks also to Tom Ward Newton who has donated a container to us for storage use.

On Bank Holiday Monday we achieved our first three points of the season in our game against Penrith.  Once again Colin was faced with team selection problems when we had squad members unavailable due to work / family commitments and Michael Hoganson unavailable after taking that nasty injury to his ankle in the game against Guisborough on Saturday (the tackle didn’t even get a yellow card never mind the red card most thought the player who committed the offence would get!). Scott Pocklington is still a couple of weeks away from even doing some light training following the injury he suffered in a pre-season game.  So, we were once gain grateful for the young lads from St Mary’s Under 23’s coming to support us in the squad and all the players worked hard to achieve our first victory of the season.

Congratulations to Andrew Johnson on being appointed team captain for this season and Andre Bennett on being appointed vice captain.

We have been delighted to welcome Middlesbrough Football Club to Heritage Park when their Under 23 team has played two games, against Norwich City and Newcastle United.  The feedback from Middlesbrough regarding our facilities (especially our pitch) has been very positive and we look forward to their next game at Heritage Park which will be on Friday 15th September when they play Aston Villa Under 23’s.

Our ladies team will play in the first qualifying round of the Women’s FA Cup on Sunday 3rd September with a 2pm kick off.  The bar will be open so why not support the ladies team and enjoy a Sunday afternoon at HP!










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