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Cello Electronics partner with Bishop Auckland FC

Cello Electronics partner with Bishop Auckland FC

Bishop Auckland FC are proud to announce a new partnership with Bishop Auckland based TV Manufacture Cello Electronics.

Cello Electronics are the only LED TV brand that still manufacturers products in the UK . They make all their LED TVs from 16″ to 85″ at their Bishop Auckland based production site.

Cello have kindly agreed to putting one of their 55″ 4K TV screens in our boardroom to display various types of media from general match day updates to YouTube game highlights.

Bishop’s Chairman Steve Coulthard commented saying “The television looks absolutely superb in our directors / sponsor room and we will be able to show many BAFC matches in there that have been recorded plus up to date highlights of matches and results as well as playing some of the old Amateur cup matches when BAFC played at Wembley. This is a tremendous gesture by Cello and the club, supporters and sponsors are very very grateful!”

And commercial manager Chris Burns added “To have the support of such a prestigious local company is marvellous, to see the screen, in situ with the clarity and style in or club is amazing, this level of support is first class and much appreciated by all around the commercial side of the club”

Simon Lind Sales Manager responded “It is our pleasure to support Bishop Auckland Football Club, our local team and we are delighted that the TV has been so well received”

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  • The tv is a great addition to the board room on behalf of bishopafc supporters many thanks

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