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Chairman’s Update – Thanks Bill!

Chairman’s Update – Thanks Bill!

On behalf of the Club I would like to put on record our thanks and appreciation to Bill Caris who has provided our match day catering for many years.  When the Club was sharing grounds after leaving Kingsway, Bill brought his catering van to all the grounds we played at, in all weathers, and no matter how big or small the crowd was.

Over the last 14 or so years our fans have got to know Bill well and very much appreciated the service he offered.  Yesterday, at our game against Heaton Stannington, Bill provided the catering for the last time as from Saturday 9th December, at our game against Jarrow Roofing, we will be providing the catering for spectators from our new catering hut.

Many thanks Bill, to you and your family, for your loyal support and we wish you all the very best for the future.  We plan to invite Bill and his family, to a game in the New Year, when we can mark his service more formally.


4 Responses to Chairman’s Update – Thanks Bill!

  • Having tasted the catering at many grounds in the Northern league, those that choose to do the catering themselves are inferior to those who get someone in to do it in my opinion. You will find it difficult to match Bills catering skills and risk losing money on this enterprise. If you are looking for things to change this should not have been one of them.

  • Nice touch to invite burger bill to a game I will certymiss him

  • Well, the ‘proof will be in the pudding’ as they say. Next time you are at HP why don’t you visit the catering hut and try our food and let us know what you think.

  • So unfortunately the proof wasn’t in the pudding. While we realise that this is new and that there are bound to be teething problems the said problems were avoidable. There were no Hotdogs, there were no serviettes, the meat in the pies would have put a nuclear explosion to shame heat wise. And lastly you ran out of Bovril and this should be inexcusable as it’s not something that can go off if not sold on the day . The staff were very pleasant but this venture was not well planned.

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